Here We Go

It is finnaly here!  The day that seemed would never come.  The time when every team is equal and has high hopes to reach the World Series.  Optimism is in the heads of all.  Anything can happen, fans get out the Cracker Jacks and start the grill for the Hot Dogs because it is all about to start.  The 2009 Major Leauge Season.  Go Braves!

Why Toy With Us?

Recent reports had Ken Griffey Jr.  With out a doubt going to Atlanta to be a Brave next season.  Well they were wrong Griffey is headed north to be a Seattle Mariner where he spent his first 11 seasons.  My question is who are these reporters and why the heck are they coming out with things that have the player saying, they are going somewhere; when these words never came out of the players mouth.  I mean it really doesn’t really surprise me that is where Griffey ended up but these fake reports are just ridiculous. Griffey is just another fall through to add the the Atlanta Braves failures this off-season.

Doin’ Work

The Atlanta Braves dug deep in their pockets this week and came up with some great prizes. First Kenshin Kawakami signed for 3 years and a deal worth $24MM. Then soon after being reported, they came to tearms and agreed to a deal with picture Derek Lowe four-year $60MM deal. After all the Braves failures this off-season to acquire pitching or anything else in that matter; this week has put a smile on every Braves fan to at least give hope. Looking into 2009 now Atlanta would have a pretty decent rotation: Derek Lowe, Javier Vazquez, Kenshin Kawakami, Jair Jurrjens, Jorge Campillo. Also some great young pitching could come up this year in the means of Tommy Hanson; and towards the end of the year Tim Hudson will also be back on the mound.

Were Going Down, Down Baby

Can things get any worse this off season for
the Atlanta Braves?  First Atlanta thinks they have Jake
Pevey wrapped up to help them for pitching and that falls
through.  Then, AJ Burrnet would rather be a Yankee.
 Now we almost for sure had Rafeal Furcal, and he is
headed back to Los Angeles to be a Dodger.  What can the
Braves do to get over the hump and actually sign someone and
not have everything fall apart?  Because of right now
2009 looks like another long season looking up at the Mets
and Phillies.

Options for Pitching

What are the Braves going to do now that some of the top free agent pitching is gone.  It is obviously one thing that will need to improve.  And not by having what is in the farm system or minors but by bringing someone new in.  But who is that going to be?  Here a a couple of possibilities that I could think of:
Player                           Previous Team             Age
Jon Garland         Los Angeles Angels        28  
Jason Jennings          Texas Rangers                30
Oliver Perez           New York Mets              26 
Randy Wolf            Houston Astros         31
Derek Lowe               Los Angeles Dodgers         36
Who would be best fit for the Atlanta Braves?  I think the Braves are going to need two of these proven pitchers to start becoming a thought for next year, who would they be?

No Burnett… Now what?

The Braves failed get AJ Burnett which was there seconded failure to get a top grade pitcher after  also ending negotiations with Jake Peavy.  What is there next move for a pitcher?  Is Derek Lowe an option? Is he even enough to say they have a good rotation.  

Also if they loose John Smoltz to Boston or elsewhere who will take his place.  Are the Braves willing to spend the money this year and be a contender in the NL East?

Why Not Ibanez?

Why did the Braves not pursue Raul Ibanez more? Now he is the NL East and Atlanta will not only not have him but have to play against him. His numbers from the last three years are really quite amazing. You but him between say a Chipper Jones and Brian McCann and those numbers only increase. He signed for 3 years 30 million. Which just seems like a straight up steal. The Braves need to get on the horse soon and make some deals or it is going to be another long year in Atlanta.

My Projection for Atlanta Braves 2009 Roster

1. Gregor Blanco CF
2. Yunel Escobar SS
3. Chipper Jones 3B
4. Brian Mccann C
5. Raul Ibanez LF (Free Agent)
6. Jeff Francoeur RF
7. Casey Kotchman 1B
8. Kelly Johnson 2B
9. Pitchers Spot

Starting Pictures
1. AJ Burnett
2. Jair Jurrjens
3. Javier Vazquez
4. Jorge Campillo
5. John Smoltz
(Tim Hundson when healthy)

CL Mike Gonzolez
SU Rafael Soriano
R Blaine Boyer
R Peter Moylan
R Jeff Ridgway
R Manny Acosta
R Boone Logan

OF Jordon Schafer
OF Brain Anderson
IF Omar Infante
IF Martin Prado
C David Ross